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Annual Membership Meeting Voting Results


The Annual Membership Meeting and POA Board of Directors meeting was held Saturday, May 27th.  A vote was required for a "Resolution to adopt amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation to change the duration of Flint Ridge to Perpetual".  Property owners voted 3196 to adopt the resolution with 8 against.    There were 7 candidates running for 2 open positions on the board of directors. 

Results for Board of Directors

Veronica Davis  26         Mercedes Gatti-Pyland  27         Sally Hall   39     Fred Johnson   61    Del Patterson  65     Rick Ritschel   65      Brian Snyder  85

Run off between Del and Rick was decided by the members in the meeting casting a vote for Del or Rick.  Rick won with 62 votes.   

Brian Snyder and Rick Ritschel were confirmed as Directors.   

Board of Directors

Jullie Wallace            President                                               Royce Casey             Vice President

Lew Story                 Secretary                                                Denise Wondrock    Treasurer

Mike Hope               Director                                                 Brian Snyder             Director

Rick Ritschel             Director